Military Tours of the National Capital Region

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Capitol Hill Tour: Experience three iconic venues on Capitol Hill!

Get an inside access tour to the US Capitol, Library of Congress (LOC), and The Supreme Court of the United States. Includes self paced tours of the House and Senate galleries (if Congress is in session. ) Visit the Great Hall and Reading Room of the LOC with some spare time to view one or more of the LOC exhibits. Experience the quality of a co-equal branch of government with a tour inside of the highest court in the land. The tour is 8 hours including a stop for lunch and all venues are indoors.

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Fun fact!: The hall that houses the National Statuary Hall today was originally built for the House of Representatives. It proved to be unfit for the House, though, because of the echoes caused by the curved ceiling. There were many attempts to quiet the echoes and improve the acoustics, including hanging draperies and reversing the seating arrangement, but they were unsuccessful. The only solution to this problem was to build an entirely new Hall, and the original one became the National Statuary Hall.