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Our knowledgeable guides provide access to all of Booth and Herold’s haunts along their flight path. This is an intimate tour for 2-5 people that delivers an experiential tour for Lincoln assassination buffs or those with an interest in military history. Experience the full story with our John Wiles Booth Escape Route Tour package.

Chase John Wilkes Booth and his accomplice David Herold as they attempt to escape the Federal Army. Begin at Ford’s Theatre, the site of Lincoln’s assassination. Next it’s onto The Surratt Tavern, where Booth and Herold picked up their “shooting irons” on their way south. Explore Dr. Samuel Mudd’s Home where Dr. Mudd set Booth’s leg. Next it’s onto St. Mary’s Church and Graveyard where Booth met Mudd six months before the assassination and where Dr. Mudd is buried. As time allows, the Pine Thicket, and Thomas Jones Home, and Garrett Farm site will be visited. A deli sandwich lunch will be provided from a local restaurant.

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Fun Fact!:  An excerpt of the letter President Carter wrote to Dr. Mudd’s grandson, Dr. Richard Mudd, on July 24, 1979:  Dear Dr. Richard Mudd:  I am aware of your efforts to clear the name of your grandfather, Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd, who set the broken leg of President Lincoln’s assassin.  Regrettably, I am advised that the findings of guilt…are binding and conclusive judgments.  All legal authority…was exercised when President Johnson granted Dr. Mudd a full and unconditional pardon.  But president Johnson went on to express his doubt concerning even Dr. Mudd’s criminal guilt: “it is represented to me …by the medical profession that the circumstances of the surgical aid to the escaping…assassin and the imputed concealment of his flight are deserving of lenient construction, as within the obligations of professional duty and thus, inadequate evidence of a guilty sympathy with the crime or the criminal.”  A careful reading of the information provided to me about this case led to my personal agreement with the findings of President Johnson.  I am hopeful these conclusions clear the Mudd family name of any negative connotation or implied lack of honor.  

Due to distance between waypoints of the Booth Escape Tour, the length of the tour averages 8 ½ hours.

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