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Washington National Cathedral Tour

After two years being closed, a Washington National Cathedral Tour can now be experienced! Join a National Cathedral certified guide on a private tour of Washington’s most famous house of worship. This is a classic Washington experience! Available starting March 26th, 2022!

Begin with a short visit to the grounds by observing damage from the devastating 2011 earthquake in Washington. See the famous flying buttresses of this gothic church.

Next, step inside and experience a breathtaking view of the main nave of the church. Visit most of the individual chapels within the Cathedral including one dedicated to the US Armed Forces. Notables laid to rest at the Cathedral include President and Mrs. Wilson, Admiral George Dewey, Helen Keller, and Matthew Sheppard.

A transit through the Cathedral’s unique gift shop is a must. Finally, take the elevator to the Washington National Cathedral Observation Deck for the highest view of Washington City and the surrounding area.


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Fun Fact!: Inside the National Cathedral, there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln. The statue stands before words from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural address and the floor is inset with Lincoln-head pennies. The window there depicts in abstract form the Agony of Civil War. There are statues of other important Americans there, like George Washington, as well.

Fun Facts!:

  • Washington National Cathedral is the 6th largest cathedral in the world and the 2nd largest in the United States.
  • The cathedral’s foundation stone is a slab of American granite set with a smaller stone from a field near Bethlehem.
  • The estimated total weight of the cathedral structure is 150,000 tons
  • A total of 112 gargoyles around the cathedral funnel rainwater away from the building.