Military Tours of the National Capital Region

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Our military experts provide unique and intimate tours throughout each destination with our US Navy Tour. This is an intimate 2-5 person tour that delivers an amazing historical experience for anyone that holds a special place in their heart for the US Navy.  Our best offering for children.

  96203196-095C-4BA6-84F7-1B9B1BC775F3  Navy Tour in Washington DC

Tour the Washington Navy Yard including visits to The Navy Museum, and the US Navy Cold War Museum. Lunch will be served at the Fort McNair Officer’s Club or Army Navy Country Club. End your day at the US Navy War Memorial.

Fun Fact!: George Washington was the father of the U.S. Navy. Even though he had no experience at sea, he recognized the importance of a Navy to the colonies during the revolutionary war and established the Continental Navy on October 13th, 1775.

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