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Washington Christian Heritage Tour – Discover significant Christian sites in the Washington area including the new Museum of the Bible!

During your Washington Christian Heritage Tour, you will see the breathtaking mosaics and impressive architecture of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and tour through the crypt level to see several chapels dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Discover the Saint John Paul II National Shrine and see his blood relic in the chapel there. Explore the moving exhibit, A Gift of Love: The Life of Saint John Paul II. Visit the National Cathedral (the eighth largest cathedral in the world!), which simultaneously tells the Christian and American stories through the art in its interior and its architecture. Lastly, explore the Museum of the Bible, which offers a close look at the stories of the Bible and explains the history of the Bible as The written word.

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Fun Fact!: Inside the National Cathedral, there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln. The statue stands before words from Lincoln’s farewell address to the citizens of Springfield, IL and the floor is inset with Lincoln-head pennies. The window there depicts in abstract form the Agony of Civil War. There are statues of other important Americans, like George Washington, in the Cathedral as well.