Military Tours of the National Capital Region

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Washington Monuments Tour

Discover the National Mall with a private tour in a 2017 Buick Enclave while minimizing your walking and maximizing your time.  The following iconic sites are on your tour:  Lincoln, Vietnam War, Korean War, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., World War II, District of Columbia WW I, and Jefferson Memorials.  The Washington Monument is closed until 2019 but a photo stop can be made.

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Fun Fact!: Many believe that Jefferson is watching over the White House, but in reality, he’s looking just east of it, to the U.S. Treasury Building. Alexander Hamilton’s statue stands in front of the Treasury, facing towards Jefferson. Between them is the Washington Monument. Jefferson and Hamilton were the men that prompted the divide of the country into political parties, and Washington hated the idea of political factions or parties. The Jefferson Memorial was built last, and Jefferson is intentionally looking in Hamilton’s direction with Washington between the two men.