Military Tours of the National Capital Region

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Alexandria Confederate Statue

Requiem for the Alexandria Confederate Statue

Requiem for the Alexandria Confederate Statue By now, most citizens are aware of the recent removal of the Alexandria Confederate Statue at Washington and Prince Streets. The removal was a result of recent acts by our elected representatives on the city council and state legislature....

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Army Horse at the Caisson Barn

2020 Kids Summer Camp

KIDS SUMMER CAMP 2020 Struggling to find open Washington DC summer camps for your children to attend? Look no further than DC Military Tours’ Kids DC Summer Camp 2020! By following summer camp safety procedures and limiting groups to up to five people, your kids...

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The Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution Many first time travelers often express interest in visiting “The Smithsonian” as if it’s a singular place. There are actually fourteen Smithsonian museums located in Washington, DC. Each represents a different focus area. I have listed them all below, based on my...

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Horse and Caisson at Arlington

Free Tour in Washington

Free Tour in Washington You can live a lifetime in Washington and not see it all.  Below are sites our guides have not been to but desperately want to see.  Choose any six points worth of sites for a six-hour free tour in Washington.  (You...

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Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial

Time to Run a Sale

A friend of ours noticed we had not blogged in a while and that that may give people the false impression that we are not in business anymore. Quite the contrary. We are up and running. Thank you to all our past (and future) customers...

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Cherry Tree Rebellion

After the area around the Tidal Basin was established as West Potomac Park “for the recreation and pleasure of the people,” the park became very popular. People enjoyed the park by foot, car, or horseback. The first cherry trees were planted in the park in...

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The Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin was once the site of one of Washington’s most popular beaches, featuring a diving platform and a cabana. In the 1880s, it was constructed out of the mudflats of the Potomac. Shortly after its construction, the Tidal Basin was filled with swimmers...

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First Fire Zouaves

First Fire Zouaves Alexandria, VA On the early morning of 24 May 1861, the Union Army prepared in Washington for a two pronged assault on the seaport town of Alexandria. Most of the army crossed the Long Bridge to the Virginia side of the Potomac...

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Major Ellsworth

Alexandria, VA Major Ellsworth was not an unknown quantity in the Northern states.  Previous to the war, Ellsworth and his Fire Zouaves barnstormed in many of the cities of the north, exhibiting their acrobatic martial drill.  Many Northerners would have seen his face before, either...

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Background on new mini-series Mercy Street

Alexandria, VA This coming January, PBS will air the new mini-series Mercy Street staring Josh Radnor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a Doctor and Nurse working together in Union occupied Alexandria, VA during the Civil War. Ms. Winstead plays the part of New England abolitionist...

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