Military Tours of the National Capital Region

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Military Bands in Washington

Here in Washington, we are blessed that US military bands are headquartered here. Visitors enjoy these ensembles at local venues throughout the area. The most popular page on our website is Military Events in DC, where we publish a comprehensive calendar of military band performances. All band performances are free to the public. Adding a performance to an itinerary is a ‘must-do’ on a Washington summer holiday. Most summer evenings include a military music event.

Who are the Military Bands?

The President’s Own Marine Corps Band is the most popular of the military bands. The Band is America’s oldest continuously active professional musical organization. Their most popular event is the Friday Evening Parade at the Marine Barracks Washington Headquarters. Taking place May through August, tickets are free but reservations must be made. Additionally, the Marine Corps Sunset Parade, occurs on summer Tuesdays at the Marine Corps Memorial. Furthermore, in the winter and spring, the Marine Chamber Orchestra plays locally on most weekends.

Joint Base Fort Myer-Henderson Hall is the home of Pershing’s Own United States Army Band. The largest of the service bands consists of twelve ensembles: The Concert Band, Ceremonial Band, Strings, Chorus, Herald Trumpets, Blues, Pop (Downrange,) Blues Swamp Romp, Brass Quintet, Woodwind Quintet, String Quartet, and Chamber Players

The United States Air Force Band’s home is at Joint-Base Anacostia-Bolling. Its ensembles include a wind ensemble (Air Force Strings,) the Ceremonial Band, a chorus (Singing Sergeants,) Jazz Band (Airmen of Note,) and pop band (Max Impact.)

Headquartered at the Washington Navy Yard, The United States Navy Band consists of a wind ensemble (Concert Band,) the Ceremonial Band, a chorus (Sea Chanters,) Jazz Band (Commodores,) country-bluegrass (Country Current,) and pop band (Cruisers.) In addition to the service bands, The United States Naval Academy Band is in Annapolis.

Where do they play?

The Army, Air Force, and Navy Bands play a Holiday Pageant and Concert at the Daughters of the American Revolution Concert Hall. Accordingly, each December weekend, one of the military bands will play on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tickets are free but reservations must be made. Moreover, popular outdoor summer venues for each band include the National Harbor Salute the Sunset Concert Series, West Steps of the US Capitol, and the Sylvan Theatre at the Washington Monument. Furthermore, all service Ceremonial bands participate in funerary support at Arlington National Cemetery.