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Discover George Washington’s home and estate guided by a Veteran and trained military historian. Experience the plantation and mansion house at your own pace. See all of Washington’s estate and grounds including the purposes of the many original out-buildings. Make a respectful visit to George and Martha Washington’s Tomb. Discover Washington’s first love of farming and see the animal breeds and crops that he experimented with on his estate. Transit to and from Washington in a private SUV.


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Fun Fact!: You can see an original Houdon Bust of George Washington at Mount Vernon. Houdon was a famous French sculptor who made busts of other early Americans, including Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Benjamin Franklin. Houdon was hired by Jefferson and Franklin to make a bust of Washington. He followed Washington around Mount Vernon for two weeks to get a good idea of his mannerisms and know his subject well. Washington’s family called the bust “the best representation of Gen. Washington’s face they had ever seen.”